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Looking for a velvet vagina or birthkit purse? Visit my Etsy shop here!

I like to spend time trying to make the world a better place.

I do that by writing books that make a difference, and by offering information and education to midwives and birth folk.

Because I believe that strong, well-informed, empowered and happy families are at the heart of a better world.

And it’s my hope that, together, we can make things better for women, babies and families during the childbearing year.

I make a living from selling books, and occasionally from speaking or teaching. Which is why I ask you to support my work by recommending and not lending my books if you’re a birth worker, and by sharing my content in a legal and ethical manner. That will help me continue doing what I do.

I also share a LOT of free resources. In my emails, on this website, and on social media.

And no matter whether it’s paid or free content, all the education and information that I create is free from funding, adverts and/or sponsorship.

I’m not affiliated with an institution, and I don’t take any money from pharmaceutical, technology, baby milk, baby product or baby blood harvesting companies.

The free content that I create is supported by the Birth Information Project.

The way the Birth Information Project works is very simple.

I give my time for free.

And the infrastructure, software, and technical expertise that makes it all work is funded via donations to my ko-fi page, and from profits from our seasonal Etsy shop, which opens in the few weeks before Christmas each year and lets you buy something handmade by me (Sara).

Would you like to see me demonstrate?!

See my Etsy shop here!

Please note: our shop is seasonal, because we travel, and also because Sara needs time to make the goodies each year. But you can subscribe to my email updates, and to the shop itself, and we’ll let you know each time we open.

What’s in our Dr Sara Wickham Etsy shop?

You can buy velvet vaginas which I demonstrate in the video above. I also chat in the video about my birthkit purses, which I use to show how very little one really needs to attend a physiological birth. (Yes, I do actually use a pinard and doppler in practice; the kitchen roll tube is just a conversation starter for education sessions!)

We have cute bags to carry index cards (or your pens and scissors, or anything really; we know people who also use them as coin purses and for carrying small sewing projects!)


Here are a few resources for those of you who have bought goodies and would like more information:

Thank you

Thank you for supporting us. All profits go straight into the Birth Information Project. So you can treat yourself or a friend AND help support free birth-related information all at the same time.

Click here to find out more.

And even if you’re not in need of more birth-related goodies, please share our posts and links and tell your friends about our work. Help us make the world a better place for women, babies and families.

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Thank you 💜

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