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Folic Acid: what to do?

As I’m a tiny bit busy moving house this week, I am going to feed two birds with one bun (a phrase which I believed was my own creation until I googled it just now out of curiosity and discovered…

Choice, Control and the Parenting Police…

A pregnant woman, who we’ll call Amanda, was recently reported to Social Services by her midwife.   A representative from Social Services contacted Amanda and, somewhere along the line, Amanda realised that her ability to be a good mother to her…

The art of questioning

Dr Sara Wickham discusses the art of questioning, sharing her own work on the analysis of different interventions offered in pregnancy and childbirth.

A Tale of Two Women

The stories of two women who received individualised care and encouragement to help them achieve a physiological birth. But why?

Towards Greener Birth

Sara Wickham looks at the environmental impact of giving birth and suggests what midwives, doctors and others could do to make a difference.

Blaming the baby

When parents are led to believe that their newborn baby is ‘at fault’ for a health condition or situation, what implications does this have?