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What’s on the label?

Sara Wickham discusses issues relating to the labelling of drugs and whether people should be offered more information about what they contain.

Spin-Based Practice

Why do some ‘facts’ and ‘findings’ get shared and publicised more than others? Dr Sara Wickham looks at the concept of spin in relation to birth knowledge.

The New Pathology of Shortness

A 2003 article in which Sara Wickham riffed on the implications of seeing shortness as a diagnosable medical condition rather than a variation of normal.


Sara Wickham debates the language of pain relief in labour, and asks how we can get better information out about the benefits and risks of this.

The big pregnancy brain mush myth

Researchers at a recent British Psychological Society conference claim to have refuted the ‘myth’ that women’s mental capacities diminish during pregnancy (HMG Worldwide Ltd 2003). Their small study investigated whether there was any justification in the idea that pregnant women…