Group B Strep Explained – now updated and available!

I am very happy to announce the launch of the revised and updated second edition of Group B Strep Explained, a book which helps parents, professionals and others to understand the issues and the evidence relating to the screening and prophylactic measures offered in the hope of preventing early-onset group B strep (EOGBS) disease in newborn babies.

I wanted to update the book because the UK guidelines have significantly changed and a few other papers have been published which have thrown new light on this area – and, in particular, on the numbers of babies affected – and this version is also more ‘global’ than the last, but more on that below! Here’s everything you need to know about the book, from the cover and the reviewers and, if you’d like to grab your very own copy, you can get it here!

Group B strep (or GBS) is a common and usually harmless type of bacteria, but it can very occasionally cause serious disease in newborn babies. Many pregnant women are offered testing and treatment for GBS, but there are pros and cons to this, as the main treatment involves women having antibiotics given to them by intravenous drip during labour.

buy from am uk buttonIn this updated second edition of her popular book, Dr Sara Wickham discusses the different perspectives on GBS, the screening and treatment options that are available, the wider issues relating to this area, the alternative paths that some people take, the answers to parents’ most frequently asked questions and more.

buy from am us buttonThe book is also available from good bookstores or you can buy it online from Amazon UK, USA, Germany, FranceSpain, Italy, Japan, Canada, and Mexico.

It’s also available for the Kindle!


What do others say?

“Sara has written an excellent and important book. She has pulled all of the evidence (in its many forms) together into a comprehensive woman-centred resource. Sara’s writing makes complex information accessible to all. I’d recommend this book to women, and anyone involved in caring for childbearing women. I learned lots.”
– Dr Rachel Reed, Midwifery Lecturer and Author of MidwifeThinking.

“Sara has a remarkable ability to search through extensive amounts of research and to translate it into simple, easy to understand language. She has achieved that once again in this beautifully written book. The choices women face as they negotiate their births are challenging, but are always made easier by having accurate, easy to understand information. This is THE book to go to for everything you need to know about GBS.”
– Dr Kirsten Small, Obstetrician Gynaecologist.


What’s new?

This second edition, published in 2019, has been substantially expanded and updated since the first edition, which is now out of date.

  • The 2019 edition includes new research and thinking that has emerged in the past few years and has also been updated to reflect changes in midwifery and medical practice around the world. The book has benefited from wide and varied input from women, families, midwives, obstetricians and other birth folk.
  • In the new edition, the chapter on screening has been substantially changed so that it contains more information on universal, culture-based screening as well as risk-based screening.
  • I have included a deeper explanation of why prophylactic antibiotics are offered and this edition has been updated to include new guidance, including the 2017 RCOG Green-top guideline, which led to changes in recommendations made to women in the UK since the first edition of the book was published.
  • Thanks to new data, the new book includes recent (2019) mapping data from the National Screening Committee and elsewhere. I have used this data to add a new discussion that will help women in different situations make decisions about their care.


About the Author

Dr Sara Wickham is a midwife, educator and researcher who has been writing and lecturing about birth-related issues for more than twenty years.

She is the author or editor of fifteen books, has edited three midwifery journals and provides in-person and online educational and consultancy services for midwifery, medical and health-related practitioners and organisations around the world.


A Few Frequently Asked Questions

Buy from Amazon UKWhere can I get it? This book is available from Amazon and good bookstores. We will also have copies at most of Sara’s workshops and events. If you can’t get it in your country, please use our contact form and we’ll do our best to help.

How much is it? The recommended retail price is UK £10.00. It varies slightly on international sites.

Buy from Amazon USIs it available as an e-book? Yes, the Kindle version is available from Amazon UK, US, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Japan, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and India.

I’m really happy to be able to put these books together and am always delighted when people tell me that my books help them or their clients. I very much hope that this update will help more people to understand the issues and make the decision that is right for them.