Author: Chris

Reflecting on risk assessment

Risk assessment is an integral part of midwifery and medical practice and yet also something we need to think about more. A few years ago, I spent some time reflecting on the issues raised by revised guidelines on venous thromboembolism…

May Contain Tigers

Warning: this blog post may contain tigers. As someone who lives with a serious food allergy, I have noticed some interesting changes in the information given on product labels over time. Over the years, I have thoroughly enjoyed the proliferation…

Reclaiming the Art in Birth

Sara Wickham discusses art, craft, birth and knitting, revisiting a topic she first wrote about twenty years ago whose content is still as relevant today.

Twenty birth kit essentials

Sara Wickham unpacks the birthkit essentials carried by midwifery colleagues and shares some great tips of things you might want to have at a birth.

The Poo Taboo

Sara Wickham presents the results of a conversation amongst women who are also midwives on the topic of poo in labour.

The folly of fully dilated

There are a few myths about the idea that women need to be fully dilated to give birth, and that this means the same thing for every woman.