Welcome to my blogfest, and the five most popular posts of 2015!

6404904859_f54b0b654d_nAs we near the holidays, it’s time to say thank you! My heart-funded information project, which brings you my blog, social media information stream and free Birth Information Update newsletter wouldn’t be possible without the nice people who donate towards the cost of the infrastructure and those who support me with their technical and administrative expertise. So, as a way of offering a thank you to those who have supported me throughout the year by making donations online or buying hearts at my workshops and events, I will be writing and posting a blog post every weekday for the next two weeks, several of which are on topics requested by you.

And there will be the usual red button at the bottom of each post, for the equally lovely people who have been meaning to donate but haven’t yet got around to it. If my work helps you help women and their families, this is your chance to join the tribe and help me keep getting free, ad-free, woman-centred, evidence-based and normality-focused birth information out there throughout 2016! I also have a couple of elf volunteers who have made off with a few signed copies of my new book and put them on eBay – all profits will go towards keeping the website free and ad-free – click here to buy a signed copy of my new book, which can be posted anywhere in the world.

Over the next two weeks, I’ll be blogging about germs and knitting, sharing gems from journals, answering questions about research and riffing about raspberry leaf tea! But to start us off, and in case you’ve missed any of them, here are five of my most popular blog posts from the last year. Enjoy!

  1. Let’s begin with the most popular post from last year’s blogfest: Eight things I’d like to share with midwifery students who care.
  2. I always like to share a bit of evidence for the obvious, and so do you, if the global sharing of Cervical dilatation is (now mathematically shown to be) unpredictable is anything to go by!.
  3. Another popular post was Home bith also safer for ‘higher risk’ women, which looked at woman-centred research from the UK and Iceland.
  4. As I’ll be discussing further in the next few days, bacteria continue to be trendy at the moment, so I probably shouldn’t be surprised to see Maternal antibiotics (e.g. for GBS) and imbalance in baby’s gut bacteria up there in the top five.
  5. And a firm favourite since I wrote it, Ten things I wish every woman knew about induction of labour has remained near the top of the list as well. I’ve got a brand new riff on induction of labour coming up as well!

I hope you find something there that you’ve not seen before. And if not, you won’t have to wait long for another blog post!


donatebuttonThis post was part of my 2015 blogfest, during which I wrote a blog post every day for two weeks as a way of saying thank you to those who are helping keep my free and ad-free information activities online. If my work helps you in yours and you would like to make a donation and help me keep all of these resources free and heart-funded through 2016, please click here and make a donation. Thank you for caring about women and babies.

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