The Sara Wickham Etsy shop is open!

The Sara Wickham Etsy shop is now restocked and ready for your holiday shopping.

Click here to come and see what we have and support our Birth Information Project by buying holiday gifts, or maybe something for yourself. We’re open until Friday December 15th.

What’s new?

This year, the kitty purses, lavender hearts (for those in the UK) and student gift packs are back. The gift pack includes everything you need to get started on your studies including a special pocket treat from Sara which isn’t available anywhere else.

And yes, I have restocked the extraordinarily popular sparkly ‘jingle bell’ edition velvet vaginas, which double up as a tree decoration.

Just add a note in the comments box when you buy any ‘velvet vagina’ you’d like us to add a hanging loop before we post it to you.

What’s it all about?

Our Etsy shop helps fund the infrastructure of the Birth Information Project.

So if you use our free social feeds, newsletter or website resources in your work or business*, please help us to keep them going by buying something each year.

* Just a quick note: even though we offer freely available content for women and families, you still need to abide by copyright law and respect others’ intellectual property, especially if you run a birth-related business. We’re really happy for you to share/repost if you keep our picture, words and credit intact, but you should always direct people to our site rather than contravene copyright or put Sara’s work/words into your own branding. More info on how to share legally, ethically and fairly here.

Our shop is seasonal and we can’t always keep up with demand, so grab it when you see it. This is very much something that we do ‘on the side’ of our other work. So, if there’s something you have your eye on, it’s always best to get it before it goes.

How it all began

In the autumn of 2019, Chris and I announced the birth of our Sara Wickham Etsy shop. It featured handmade vaginas, birthkit purses, and information pouches.

Sara does the sewing.

Chris does the shop keeping. (He loves parcels. The lady at the village post office knows him by name.)

And every penny of profit goes towards the Birth Information Project.

Our shop name is DrSaraWickham and we opened it in response to people asking how they could buy things from anywhere in the world, not just when Chris runs a stall at Sara’s events.

How we’ve grown

In the first year, we had a limited number of items and it was a bit of an experiment. We were so delighted with the results – including loads of 5-star reviews, thank you! – that we kept going.

Sara spent part of the 2020 lockdown restocking the shop for that year, and again you shopped so much that we ran out of some things!

We’ve now become a seasonal shop again, and you can click here anytime between now and Thursday December 15th to visit the Sara Wickham Etsy shop and take a look at what we have.

How to find out more

On our shop page, you can also watch a video of Sara demonstrating everything, which should hopefully answer any questions you may have about how to use your vagina 🥰

To find that, scroll down below the items and reviews and look in the gallery of pics.

And find out why we call it a velvet vagina and not a velvet vulva…

Read more about how the Birth Information Project began here.

Thank you for supporting us

We have a fairly unique business model. Sara is a full-time author who makes a living from writing books (which is why we always ask people to recommend and not lend), but we each contribute time to the Birth Information Project.

The project includes social media feeds on which we share research and useful information, and a free, monthly newsletter which we send out to thousands of people who want to keep up-to-date with birth-related research and thinking.

The infrastructure, software, IT support etc which makes the Birth Information project possible is funded by what we make from the Etsy shop. And by donations to Sara’s kofi page.

So THANK YOU for supporting us 💜

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