Sara Wickham now has an Etsy shop!

Sara Wickham’s Etsy shop!

Chris and I are delighted to announce the birth of our seasonal Etsy shop!

It features handmade vaginas, birthkit purses, information pouches and sometimes other goodies such as friendly knitted bacteria!

Sara does the making.

Chris does the shopkeeping.

And every penny of profit goes towards the Birth Information Project.

Our shop name is DrSaraWickham and we opened it in response to people asking how they could buy things from anywhere in the world, not just when Chris runs a shop at Sara’s events.

We have a limited number of items and we open our shop just in the run-up to Christmas. We’re hoping that those of you who love and benefit from our Birth Information Project will visit and buy a unique holiday present or two, for yourself or for friends!

Here’s where you’ll find us! You can watch a video of Sara demonstrating everything, which should hopefully answer any questions you may have about how to use your vagina.

You can also read more about how the project began here.

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