It’s self-care time for me!

28131423133_51991e7efbI go on quite a bit about self-care. I write blog posts about it, sharing lists and ideas and reminders at special times, and one of the reasons I do this is because I think that it is easy to forget to take time off, especially in this age of connection and smartphones.

I also like to model self-care and practice the important skill of being about to completely switch off and take a break, so I am hereby letting you know that the Director of Tea and Cake and I are going on holiday (or vacation, if you’re in the US, which is actually where we’re going, yay) and that I won’t be blogging, looking at email, approving comments, chatting about birth on social media or otherwise engaging with the world of work for the next two weeks.

I look forward to re-connecting with you upon my return, and in the meantime if you’re looking for birth information then I invite you to surf around my site and catch up with posts that you might have missed 😀

photo credit: Chicago via photopin (license)

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