Inducing labour: making informed decisions

It’s time to emerge from my winter of writing and share the news that the shiny, new, updated version of my book Inducing labour: making informed decisions is in the final stages of being written and will be ready for you very soon!

I have always been passionate about ensuring that women, their families and those who care for them have access to good-quality, up-to-date information, and it is because of this that I do my best to keep my books updated. The latest version will include a lot of new research and debate which has emerged since I wrote the last update in 2014, including discussion about some of the more controversial topics, such as induction of labour in older women, women with IVF pregnancies and induction for suspected large babies.

I have been talking to women and colleagues about new practices, current thinking and the questions that people ask. Thank you so much for all the input you have sent. I have read and appreciated every single email (even though I received way too many to reply to individually, so thank you for your understanding on that), and I will keep you updated on the book’s progress over the coming weeks through my newsletter, blog and social media!

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