I have book, twitter and party news to share!

Twitter1It’s all a bit busy and exciting at our house these days as we get close to the release of my ‘101 dissertation tips’ book! Shiny new proof copies are arriving through the door, I am getting daily emails to confirm what will be happening and when and CB has been taking a break from his post as Director of Tea and Cake at my workshops and has instead been engaged as Chief Checker; making sure that the Kindle version looks good in different font outfits and sizes!

It’s all happening so fast, in fact, that I am going to share THREE big bits of news with you in one post, so that nothing gets left out!


1. We have a launch date!

We now have a launch date for the book, and it’s Thursday November 19th πŸ˜€ From this date onwards, the book will be available to buy from Amazon, and I will be posting plenty of links from my website, Facebook page etc for those of you who have been waiting patiently for it to be published. I’m planning to do something a bit special that day, but let’s come back to that after news item number two…

2. I’m on Twitter (kind of!)

OK, I will admit that I am not 100% sure how I feel about this one yet, but I have finally responded to the calls from certain quarters to find a way of getting my blog and facebook posts onto Twitter for those of you who like to see and share information that way. (Full disclosure: it’s Emma’s fault πŸ˜‰ ) If you’re on Twitter, you may have already realised that we have been setting up and testing a Twitter account which links to my other social media sites over the past few days, and all of my blog and facebook posts should now be feeding into it. Please note (though I realise that most people won’t because they won’t see this lol) that it’s an automated set-up which is being looked after by some of the lovely people who help me out, and I’m not sitting on the other end of my phone looking at it! So if you tweet me and don’t get a reply, sorry – it’s because I’m not there! One of the main reasons that I didn’t want to get more social media accounts is because I’m not able to spend any more time on email and social media than I already do, so this is an experiment to see if an automated feed will work as a compromise πŸ™‚Β  If you’d like to get my updates, my username is @DrSaraWickham

3. I’m having a party – and you’re invited!

I’ve saved what I think is the most exciting bit of news for last πŸ˜€ On the day on which the new book launches, Thursday 19th November 2015, I will be having an online party on my facebook page on the morning (London time) of that day, during which I’m going to host a dissertation Q&A session for students as well as opening a thread for suggestions of topics for this year’s blogfest. More details will follow over the next few days and I will create an event and let you know exactly when we’ll start and how to post your questions or comments, so keep an eye on my blog, Facebook page or (fingers crossed please) Twitter feed if you’d like to join me.

I hope you can join me in my excitement; I’m planning some good conversation starters!



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