Help Save Independent Midwifery!

A few weeks ago, I posted about the worrying situation in the UK, where the actions of midwifery regulator the NMC have led to midwives in the UK not being able to practice independently.

“The impact of this ruling extends far beyond IMUK members and their clients. It undermines and threatens the entire midwifery profession and the rights of women to choose how they give birth.” (IMUK)

Many people have spoken out since then, and much has been happening. On March 17th, legal proceedings were served on the Nursing & Midwifery Council in a claim brought by IMUK members to ensure women can access the care and support they need at the most important time of their lives.

As IMUK note in their statement, “We have been advised that this ruling is unlawful and an urgent legal challenge has been filed; the court is being asked to look at whether what the NMC has done is lawful and to rule that our indemnity cover is appropriate.”

So there is hope! But IMUK need your support! Many people have asked how they can help, and there is now a simple and easy answer. Go to IMUK’s crowdfunding page, make a donation to support their legal fund, and then share the links widely on social media.

Thank you.

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