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thumbn_2627674909It came to my attention a while back that some visitors to this site were seeing advertisements.  I sincerely apologise if this ever happened to you; it was absolutely not my intention and I thought I had a setup that would avoid this but it appears that either I was mistaken or the terms changed while I wasn’t looking.  I went on to find a very nice IT company who helped me move this whole site to a paid platform, which guarantees that no company or organisation can put adverts or anything else on here without me knowing.

I am particularly concerned that these ads might have included products aimed at parents which have appeared as a result of keywords or terms used on this site.  I feel strongly that the advertisement and/or sale of commercial products alongside information offered to parents or prospective parents is often inappropriate.  I first wrote about this in an article called The Problem of Product Propaganda and I still have concerns about this:

What is the point of the work that we do to enable empowerment if much of the gloss that we hand out or display on the walls is seeking to do the very opposite by convincing women that they need to buy products to compensate for their inadequacies? 

thumbn_473250723I also worry about the degree to which allowing certain organisations to advertise their products to health professionals is appropriate.  I wrote about this in an article called Objectivity and Post-it Notes and I have now uploaded both of these articles onto the site.  I salute those who are taking action in this area, encourage anybody who feels the same way to vote with their purses as well as their feet and promise to ensure that this site remains free of inappropriate external adverts.

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