This is my 200th blog post, yay!

medium_3657889982This is my 200th blog post!  I can’t quite believe it myself, but my website software kindly keeps a count for me and seems quite certain.  I’ve blogged about so many things, from anti-D to yoga (note to self for the next 200: must write about something beginning with Z!)  In the process, I’ve made more than 3000 page-friends on facebook and my latest project – a monthly newsletter update which I launched just a few weeks ago – has already got far more subscribers than I ever imagined.  The next one will be out in a few days’ time, so if you’ve not signed up and you want to, just pop your details in the blue box on my website.

I’m just delighted that so many people want to keep up-to-date and ponder birth-related knowledge, and even more delighted by the support that I am getting for my heart-funded birth information project, and a huge thank you to those who have contributed so far.

As a strong advocate of self-care and success celebration for midwives and women, I am awarding myself the day off from writing a ‘normal’ blog post, and I am going to spend a bit of my day making hearts in my garden instead, and maybe I’ll post some pictures on facebook!

Thanks for hanging out with me x

donatebuttonP.S. I really want all of this to stay free (and ad and product free), so if my work helps you and you’d like to help me keep building this project by contributing to the costs of the infrastructure, then it would be awesome if you would consider making a micro-donation on my crowdfunding page.  Or, if you’re coming to one of my upcoming workshops or the CAPERS Conference, you can make a donation in person in exchange for one of the fabric hearts that I’m currently making in my garden while you read this post 😀

heart photo by qthomasbower via photopin cc

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