From my dissertation tip files: lovely primates


“Some of the students I have taught have written essays about virginal breech births and external cephalic conversations; one apparently also had a lovely experience helping a primate to give birth on the labour ward.”

– Ann Oakley

I had a big sort-out of my computer files after finishing my dissertation tips book and found a few random snippets that didn’t make the final cut but which I thought others might enjoy … the first of these is this fab quote which I jotted down as having been written by Ann Oakley, but I didn’t cite it as I couldn’t locate the original reference anywhere:

I wonder if there’s a guideline for helping primates to give birth on the labour ward?!

I’ve had similar experiences with autocorrect or automatic spelling checkers and I included a few examples in the book from my own dissertation and thesis marking, including a favourite from the journeys of midwifery and medical research students, those pesky randomised controlled trails 😀

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photo credit: Lemurs via photopin (license)

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