Dissertation tip #55 – Vary your language…

tip 55This is the second of a series of posts which share sneaky peeks of my book, 101 tips for planning, writing and surviving your dissertation. (You can see the first post here and the third here). This is another of the tips that got lots of positive comments from those who read and commented on the book ahead of publication (thank you very much; you know who you are and I am very grateful :D) and it doesn’t need much explanation…

“Varying your language makes it more interesting for the reader. When you’re writing about other people’s research – which is a significant chunk of what most of us do in dissertations – is it good to have some alternative words up your sleeve to describe what different authors said, so here are some you can try. Do be careful about what you are using and when though, because some words are stronger than others, and you may be making a value judgement about what someone else is saying. You can, of course, use words to demonstrate your critical analysis”


Hopefully the handy illustration that I’ve popped into the blog post will help as well!  You can read lots more about the book on this page, and it’s available from Amazon UK, Amazon.com, Amazon France, Germany, Canada, India, Italy, Mexico, Spain and the Kindle store.

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Happy researching and writing!



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