Post-term pregnancy: courses and updated resources

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I am so looking forward to welcoming a new group of midwives and birth folk to my post-term pregnancy online course on Friday!

In fact, the first purpose of this blog post is to let you know that this is your last chance to sign up for the August run of this course, because registration will close on Thursday evening (UK time) before the course begins on Friday. (If you already know that, then read on anyway, because there’s a second part, and you might still want that bit!)

Click here to go straight to the information about the August course 

If you’ve not heard about the course yet, well I’ve created it because, as we know, women and families aren’t always being given the full picture when it comes to so-called post-term pregnancy. Our culture over-emphasises risk and skims over the downsides of many interventions. I developed this online course because I wanted to help midwives and birth folk better understand the evidence around post-term pregnancy AND – just as importantly – build their confidence in discussing it with clients and colleagues.


The course contains video lectures, audio chats and an entire smörgåsbord of written resources which break down the issues into manageable, understandable chunks. You’ll be able to interact with me and other participants in the discussion forums and join me from the comfort of your computer screen for a live webinar in which I’ll discuss the hot topics and answer your questions.

The course is the equivalent of two whole study days (that’s 12 hours of learning, up to 8 of which is participatory according to the NMC definition, and yes there’s a certificate!), but you can work through it all at once or spend an hour on it a day … whatever works best for you and your life. You’ll have access to the materials for three weeks (August 5 – August 26), just in case life happens and you need to catch up, and many of the resources are also downloadable for later use or reference.

Which brings me to the second point of my post!

I have recently updated my ‘post-term pregnancy and induction resources’ page to include several recent blog posts which I’ve written on these topics. If you’d like a quick link to all of my free resources on this topic, you can find one here: post-term pregnancy and induction of labour resources.

Enjoy! And if you’re joining me on this run of the online course, well I look forward to chatting to you soon!

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