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small_5248819700I’m continuing with my ‘resources’ theme this week and adding a post which has links to all of the resources on this site which relate to the birth of the placenta and the management (or not) of the third stage of labour.

Much of my early work in this area occurred as part of my work on anti-D, and you will also find more discussion about physiological placental birth in my book, Anti-D in Midwifery: panacea or paradox and a full discussion of many issues relating to this area in the book that Nadine Edwards and I recently wrote for AIMS; Birthing Your Placenta.

The articles related to placental birth and the third stage of labour that are freely available on this site include:

small_4940423735I have also published a number of blog posts on this and related topics.  Some of these directly discuss articles which are already linked to above, but I have still included them because they may also contain extra comments…


I am working on turning these resource posts into more permanent pages which can be easily updated – so watch this space! 😀

photo credits: tree by Keoni Cabral  and moon by Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel via photopin cc and cc

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