Labour progress resources

As this post goes live, I’ll be in Queenstown, New Zealand, running my Labour Progress Workshop, and it seemed like a good opportunity to offer a summary of labour and progress related resources that are right here and freely available on my website, so here goes!

Let’s start with some thoughts on why normal birth matters to women, some studies related to normal birth, why it’s important to help women to stay at home as long as possible, the important question of who is most at risk of caesarean section and some good news relating to normal birth.

My favourite midwifery thoughts about labour progress include the stages of labour – bumkum! and the importance of everyday birth wisdom.

I’ve blogged about research on defining active labour, the purple line, (which I’ve also discussed here), the unpredictability of cervical dilation, cervical recoil and I have a whole post of resources relating to cervical wisdom.

Some of my labour-related articles to ponder include distractive practice, epidural fever and hands-off midwifery and the art of balance.

And lastly, labour-related tips and midwifery wisdom can be found in promoting active birth through bedlessness, let there be mood lighting and, for a bit of fun, a tribute to Tricia’s lab cats.


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