Group B Strep resources

medium_111515924Yesterday evening saw the launch event for my new book, Group B Strep Explained, so it seems liks a good day to share a resources page with links to all of my work on this topic, as well as to some other interesting reviews and articles that are available online.

Let’s start with the book itself, which is available from AIMS website.


My articles on this site (which are all freely available) include:

Note: the above article summarises the 2009 issue of the Cochrane review on antibiotics for GBS, which highlights the paucity of randomised controlled trials and discusses the way in which the data that are available show that antibiotics “did not significantly reduce the incidence of all cause mortality, mortality from GBS infection or from infections caused by bacteria other than GBS.” (Ohlsson & Shah 2009: 1)

The findings of the Cochrane team remained the same for the 2014 update, and I wrote a blog post about the 2014 review which includes a summary and links.

  • I have just published another article on this topic in the November 2014 issue of The Practising Midwife, which I will be able to upload on here in time.


Other freely available (but not always publicised as well) online resources include:


And finally, as I am so often contacted by women who wished they had had more information and/or known more about their rights when they gave birth, I highly recommend Birthrights’ Consenting to Treatment factsheet and the AIMS website and helpline and urge anyone who is facing decisions in this area to get as much information as possible from as many different perspectives as possible.


photo credit: Polifemus via photopin cc