Ten posts you might have missed (or, an excuse to take my birthday off!)

small__8751405926It’s my birthday today! 😀  So first and foremost, a big thank you to my mum, who gave birth to me (at home if anyone’s interested!) quite a few years ago now!

I LOVE my birthday, no matter how old I get, and I always take the day off to spend it with my man, and our day usually involves a mug of dairy-free hot chocolate, a mystery road trip, some red wine and a Thai meal (in that order!), so I’ve written this ahead of time, on a topic that won’t date and set it to post by itself – let’s hope this works!

Because I know that many of the people who visit this site have found it relatively recently, and even those who have known me for ages are far too busy to come here all the time, I thought the occasion might be a good time to repost links to ten of my favourite and/or most popular blog posts from the past year or so, some of which you might have missed…

So, in no particular order…


1. Post-term pregnancy and induction of labour resources

2. The language of information: obscuring choice

3. Anti-D Resources 1 (this links to a whole series on this topic)

4. The value of the knitting midwife (more on knitting soon, I promise!)

5. The theoretical risk of water embolism (because it can’t be shared enough…)

6. Can I have a natural placental birth after induction? (with apologies to Sir Edmund…)

7. Fixed point due dates and wider windows (you might want to see part two as well!)

8. Eight ways of promoting active birth through bedlessness (as discussed frequently in Recipes for Normal Birth!)

9. Deciding to decline, or deciding to wait and see?  (this one sparked LOTS of conversation!)

and finally…

10. A revelation that every birth worker needs to know about gravity and placental transfusion


medium_11324458755I hope there’s something in there that you missed, or had forgotten about.  Or if not, I hope you’ll let me off just for a day 😀  I’ll be back to catch up tomorrow!

Also, happy birthday to anyone else whose special day is this week, especially Beverley Beech, whose birthday just happens to be the day before mine 😀

photo credits: hot chocolate by stratman² via photopin cc and wine by Lotus Carroll via photopin cc

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