Thinking outside the box – the original series

Thinking Outside the BoxWhew!  It has taken me nearly three years, but I have finally managed to format and upload the remainder of the Thinking Outside the Box articles that I wrote for The Practising Midwife in the first run of this series from 2002 to 2009.

I had a bit of an incentive to finish and tick that job off my to-do list, because I resumed writing the series again in 2014, and I am delighted to be able to announce that the nice people at TPM are letting me upload those articles as well (once a bit of time has passed, of course) ~ so thank you TPM, and look out for the first one of those which is coming very soon!

The original series covered topics from a to z … I wrote about alternidurals, APGARs, A and Pbirth ballsbed bathsbarcodes, cervixes, cyberchondriadilatation, euphemisms, epidural fever, fairies, the folly of fully, greener birth, hens, hips, induction, just-rightness, kits, kitty wisdom, language, machines that pull faces, nuchal cord, old midwives, objectivity, the problem of product propaganda, pinard wisdom, prophylaxis, quilts, risk, storks, smelling birth, sterile water blockstoilets, Tricia’s lab cats, understanding research, vitamin K, water embolism, x-ray machines at airports, young ones at birth, the flukes of haZard and more!

I hope they serve you well 😀



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