Rethinking Bugs (part 1)

Thinking Outside the Box bugs“You know those glossy pages in the Sunday paper supplements that tell you what’s going up and down in terms of style? Well every time I open them I am more and more surprised not to see bacteria featuring in there, given how fashionable our prokaryotic colleagues have become of late. At first I wondered if I was just hyper-aware of anything that mentioned bacteria because I happened to be studying and writing about some of them, and of course because the much-anticipated Microbirth (Harman and Wakeford 2014) film had received lots of attention amongst midwives, but I have come to believe that they are actually trending within the midwifery and obstetric worlds. Furthermore, I think their trendiness could be rather beneficial, and this is the first part of a two-part article in which I will explain why I am hoping that the current popularity of bacteria might have a part to play in improving care for women and babies.”

Thanks to The Practising Midwife, you can now read the whole of this article, Rethinking Bugs part 1.

Part 2 will follow next month 🙂

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