Is APGAR scoring a flexible friend?

ScoringThe APGAR score is a ‘shorthand’ way of summarising a baby’s physical condition at and just after birth, but does it remain universally useful, or do its shortcomings mean we should at least consider alternatives?

It is generally held that a higher APGAR score is always better but, if this is the case, how do we make sense of the fact that placid babies who have peaceful births tend to get an APGAR score a point or so lower than babies whose births leave them purple and screaming?!

There are some of the questions that I considered in a short article that I wrote a few years ago for The Practising Midwife. The article was entitled Is the APGAR a flexible friend? and I have just uploaded it for sharing.  I think many of the issues remain the same, but please feel free to share your thoughts on this below or on facebook…



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