Five new (old) articles!

medium_404978653I’ve found a bit more time recently to format and upload some more of my old TPM Thinking outside the Box articles, and hopefully there’s something in here for everyone!

All are free (as usual) and on the smörgåsbord today we have:

RCTs and Cessation Frustration – a 2006 article in which I asked whether we should be concerned about the practice of stopping clinical trials early.  This mentions the Canadian Term Breech Trial and a systematic review published in JAMA which had raised wider concerns about this question.

Bring back the bed bath – a quick reflection on a birth which made me ponder whether we should offer more women the chance to lie back and be pampered.

Holistic therapies: proof and plausibility – a 2006 opinion piece responding to a letter sent to The Times whose signatories were concerned that ‘unproven’ or disproved therapies were being encouraged in the NHS.

spa still life“If a controlled trial shows that a holistic therapy is ineffective, there is often no way of knowing whether the therapy itself is ineffective, or whether it simply appears that way because the study design failed to accommodate the ideology behind the treatment.” (Wickham 2006: 51)

Blaming the baby – a reflection which grew out of the experience of parents – friends of mine – who were told that their baby girl’s pneumothorax was self-inflicted.

Red raspberries to the Nanny State – a small rant expressing my frustration at the fact that, thanks to the growing tendency of some people and organisations to try to police people out of doing things that might hurt them, like buying more than 16 paracetamol or, if you appear to be pregnant, buying red raspberry leaf tea or ordering an alcoholic drink.

“I’m almost tempted to take a load of friends and go and buy 200 paracetamol, just to thumb my nose at the rules. The only trouble is, at the rate that we use painkillers in our house, I calculated that it would take about 66.7 years to get through them, and there’s probably another law that says I mustn’t eat out-of-date pills in case I explode and make a mess or something…”  (Wickham 2007: 48)

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