Being clear about continuity

TOBHappy 2016! And as a nice gentle start to the new calendar year, and with thanks to The Practising Midwife, who kindly let me repost my Thinking Outside the Box articles here on my website six months after publication, I offer you my article, Being clear about continuity.

“The phrase ‘continuity of care’ is often cited in relation to maternity care but, although we have evidence that continuity of care makes a difference to women, it is not well-defined as a concept and can be taken to apply to a number of different elements of care. In this article, I consider the three different types of continuity proposed by Freeman et al (2007), looking at how these might relate to maternity care, considering the issues that each might raise and suggesting other areas which need clarifying. I argue that it would be beneficial for midwives to continue to explore this concept amongst themselves and with women.”

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