Upcoming GBS book – your input invited… (comments now closed)

aimsOver the Summer, I will be working with AIMS on their latest project; a book designed to help women access information about group B streptococcus and the options for screening and treatment.  We know what women (and others) ask when they call the AIMS helpline and/or get in touch with me to ask about this, but we want to try something new and invite more potential readers – women, midwives, birth workers, doctors, anyone who’s interested – to send us any questions that you feel we should try to cover, or let us know what the issues/challenges are in your area, so we can make it as relevant for its readers as possible.

If you’d like to share a suggestion with us as to what we should include in the book, then please use the form below or make a comment under this post on my facebook page. It doesn’t matter to us if several people post similar things; this will give us a sense of what the really key questions and topics are.  I will apologise now for the fact that we’re not going to respond directly to these comments or questions via our websites or social media, because that might affect what other people write and we want to focus all our efforts on the book.  But we promise that we will use your comments well and do our best to shape the book around the needs of its readers.

We really appreciate your help, thank you 😀

Update: we removed the comments form from this post on Monday 9th June.  Many, many thanks to all of those who contributed.  I’ll keep you posted 😀