Thinking Outside the Box returns!

tpmI am delighted to announce that I have agreed to resume my monthly ‘Thinking Outside the Box’ column in The Practising Midwife journal.  The first of the restarted series, which unpacks a couple of recent meta-analyses claiming that induction of labour reduces the likelihood of caesarean section, has just been published in the September issue.  Electronic subscribers should be able to see it here…

I originally started writing this column in the Spring of 2002, and I wrote what now feels like a staggering 85 articles over eight years.  The nice people at TPM kindly allowed me to share each of the articles online a few months after they were published, and you’ll find quite a few of the original ones on my articles page, though I will confess that there are still a few more patiently waiting to be formatted and uploaded.  I hereby declare that I will do my best to get the rest up by the end of 2014, even if it means posting one every day in late December!

Some of my personal favourites include The Risk-Managed Birth Ball and Body Wisdom birth by smell, which I co-authored with some of the midwifery students I taught at that time.  I love that Jenny, Viv and Laura let me write fun articles for the December issues, like Cerridwyn and the Pixies and When I am an old midwife…

medium_8586461765Several of the articles still remind me of what was happening in my own life at the time; The Flukes of Hazard was partly inspired by my looking up the statistics on the relative safety of skydiving and giving birth in order to reassure a midwife friend whose teenage daughter was showing signs of becoming hooked on the former. That teenager survived more than a thousand jumps and is now enjoying a successful and almost equally exciting career, while the little girl who attended her sister’s birth on my lap at the age of three in The Birth of a Midwife? has grown into a teenager with a talent for engineering.  I am particularly proud of The Birth of Water Embolism; I had been getting Michel to tell this story to midwives every time he and I were speaking together, but turning it into an article helped get an important message out even further.

So here’s to lots more of the same, and if you don’t already subscribe to The Practising Midwife but would like to, you can do so here 😀

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