Book and instagram news!

I have two pieces of news to share today!

First, a new, shiny, updated version of my book Inducing Labour: making informed decisions will be launching on Thursday, 10th May!

The new version will include discussion of new research, practice-related issues and thinking which has emerged since I wrote the last edition in 2014. Among other topics, I have expanded the sections on induction of labour in older women, induction for suspected large or small babies and induction for women with IVF pregnancies.

I’m really excited about this book, as I get more emails on this topic than any other, and it’s vital that we get different perspectives out there for women and their families. I’m going to be chatting about the book on social media all this week as we lead up to the launch, and that leads me to my second piece of news, which is that I have finally given into peer pressure and decided to try out instagram. To celebrate that fact, I’ve been taking and posting pictures of the book’s progress, and if you’d like to you can connect with me on there at

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